Door Stops Photo Shoot for Orange Shopping Deals

I love doing extraordinary photography shots, and this was one of those. I was called by Orange Shopping Deals who needed photos taken of his door stopper collection. Door stoppers are not only pretty and interesting to look at, but they also come in different shapes and makes. Making this exceptional collection that was to go into the Amazon was a great experience. I had to take photos from different angles and fix them on different kinds of doors. This gave the potential customers the exact image they would be looking for when purchasing door stops and openers for their homes.

A Little information about door stops

Door stops could be metallic, rubber, cushion-like and also wooden. The shape of the door stop depends on the design and also the purpose. When I embarked on the process of taking photographs, I started understanding the importance of having these stops in your home. They can help to keep the door securely open without the risk of banging when the strong wind blows. Also, small children will be protected as they cannot move the door around and hurt themselves with it. Using stops also helps to protect the door from wear and tear as well as the floor beneath it.

Good door stops should be the color of your door so that people do not keep noticing them. One could also buy unique designs that attract the eye so that it is part of the home décor. Chrome door jammers are some of the most attracting to the eye. They are shiny and sleek, and they can blend in with any home décor. They are also small and do not overcrowd the door space. Rubber stoppers, on the other hand, are good for any space and especially when one is using carpets in the home. They are also inconspicuous especially if they have been modeled like wedges.

I also got the opportunity to look at the various designs, both cheap and expensive, of door stoppers. Steel stoppers also looked effective although they may not be suitable for homes with small kids since they are too heavy. Door jammers made of steel look durable, and they are also very presentable. These may be perfect for the office space since they will look neat and prim just like everything else around the office. One could also find door stops made of chrome and brass although these are much more expensive than the polyester ones.

Rubber door stoppers are perhaps the most common especially in our offices. They are small and inconspicuous and especially if they are round. Some pieces were exceptional especially wooden door stops as they are lacquered, and they look spectacular. Most of them are made with hard woods such as beech wood. The good thing about wooden door stoppers and especially wedges is that they do not easily slip. They will also cost much cheaper than going for the chrome, brass or nickel ones. They are also easier to custom decorate, and one can do all sorts of décor with them.

Fabric doors stop that I saw were also great. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be even stuffed animals. These are ideal for the bedroom and other doors that are within the house. Dog door stops are some of the most common fabric stops since they create the impression of a guard. This is also great for the photos as they appeared as if they were real puppies. The materials can range from jute to fur and cotton with the insides being stuffed. Fabric stops should not be used in places where water gets to the floor such as the kitchen and the laundry room.

At the end of the day, I made exceptional photos of the door stops. These will help to attract buyers to the products and make the owner happy. Choosing the right background for the door stops was also crucial as it determined how the photos would come out. I was aiming for clear photos that attracted the eye but what I took was spectacular. Personally, I loved the fabric doorstops due to their creative look and the fact that one could use them without anyone knowing their purpose. Metallic stops seemed great for office use especially due to their polished look.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the door stops I took photos for check out the Orange Shopping Deals Facebook Page or search for them on Amazon.